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Welcome to Seven Seas Yacht Management

Seven Seas Yacht Management was born on a sailboat. One afternoon on San Diego bay, we got to talking about the challenges of boat ownership for owners. For many of us, the time needed to maintain what is not just a boat – but a passion and investment – at the level it deserves sometimes just isn’t possible with busy lives, families and careers. We wanted to create a simple solution to provide yacht owners  with complete peace of mind every time they stepped aboard, knowing their boat was seaworthy and ready to go. We saw that San Diego needed a professional and knowledgeable yacht management company with exceptional customer service.

We think our team at Seven Seas Yacht Management is the best in San Diego to provide every aspect of the management of your yacht. Our monthly services include professional boat topside washdowns, hull cleaning, system and equipment checklists, interior cleaning and more. We also provide a host of other services to give you more freedom on the water, including provisioning and captaining services.

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